End Common Core….NOW

There’s something people just have to understand.

From constantly researching this topic,  I’ve come to the conclusion that not everyone is born to go to school and learn.

Some people are intrigued by studying, yet others are just interested in building things. It doesn’t mean that the other student isn’t capable of completing college, it just means that he or she was blessed with a special set of skills that fit their profile.

Some people were just born to be carpenters, miners and electricians.

Although, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being any of those things because  frankly, you have to be highly creative and precise if you’re a carpenter…, I’m just saying we’re all mini Einsteins in our unique ways.

The education system needs to be reformed.


Students should have choice to choose whichever school that fits their credentials.

Vocational and Trade schools need to be implemented back in the education system instead of forcing students strategies in how to pass an exam.

Common core is impossible to achieve. It states, by definition, that all students from Kindergarten-12th grade should know the arts and math by the ending of each year. This depicts a great level of insanity because it clearly can’t be fulfilled.

Some students would just prefer changing a V8 supercharged engine than working for Lehman Brothers. Not everyone has the drive and the desire to work for the government. You’ll have to adapt to a different lifestyle that’s not properly suited for everyone. First and foremost you’ll have to wear a suit everyday. Speak to random people on the phone all day. Listen to people whine about their problems as if You really care.

The list goes on and on . ..

That’s why understanding that everyone is different is key. We’re  not all the same. We all carry different DNA, therefore, your cells are different from everyone else’s.

We may have similar interests, but how many people can fall in that category?

    Common core needs to end.

We need to think about the future and right now our children are the future.

What kind of world would you want your son to grow up in if he’s a poor test taker?

It’s not fair and it should end now.


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  1. It’s interesting that in other countries, kids are “tracked” very early on into different fields based on their interests and ‘smarts’. Unlike, this country, were we think everyone has to be a rocket scientist to succeed.


    • Exactly, at least where I’m from, Cuba, students pay more attention to learning in general. Students are interested in becoming someone that makes a difference. That’s what’s important and knowing a special set of skills really counts.

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  2. The NEA should come out strongly against Obama and Duncan’s educational program. Its time to stand up for students and teachers across the country. … Since our curriculum is so out of date teachers are being told that THEY will have to write curriculum based on Common Core standards

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    • I agree bro. It doesn’t allow enough students to reach their full potential. We need change. Real Change. Not Obama change. We need to change the system.

      Let’s follow each other boss. We got good content ?


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