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It’s crazy how sometimes life really is.

If you’re a typical man or woman who works to pay bills, well you make up a large majority of the population.

In order for you to overcome these triumphs, you’ll have to do so in a very optimistic manner.

Maintaining a positive attitude is key to reaching your full potential.

Everyone knows that the one who puts the most effort is usually the one who sees the bigger picture.

This is what this site is trying to do.

It’s meant to help others understand that not everyone always has the right opinion. An opinion is usually a bias statement. Therefore, no one really has the “right answer”.

We just have to understand that people have their differences.

In the end of the road, we’re all still buddies and can still be friends. Just because my opinion doesn’t coincide with yours doesn’t mean we’re enemies. We just see things differently.

The purpose of this site is to discuss and debate topics your local newspaper won’t write about.

It’ll be my pleasure to find ways to research and deliver the right “news” to you.

On the other hand, I really appreciate all my new friends and followers who have supported my website and taken time to subscribe.

Thank you Ladies and Gents from the bottom of my heart as you guys will always be remembered as the first 100.

Now let’s get down to business and let’s start debating.








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    • That’s the idea atleast. Hopefully people will come together and understand that sometimes the truth matters. Thank you much doll, I greatly appreciate the follow and also for your wisdom that you brought onto the website.

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