Is America getting ready for WWIII?

       Most people can come to an agreement that implementing defense will allow them to become aware of any offense that tries to harm them.

I know it’s a very broad statement, so please let me elaborate.

Establishing a well-rounded defensive mechanism will help the individual identify possible threats in a community or even to themselves. For example, eating McDonald’s  everyday may be “normal” or “okay” for some people, but if you actually research the many bacteria’s and diseases their food contains, you’ll easily depict that eating fast-food continuously is GARBAGE. Even though you feel that it’s not changing your life, every time you buy a Big Mac you’re basically giving up your organs, intestines and body for failure.

Being defensive works with taking care of your home and also where you live, in this case, America.

The thin layer of law that keeps you safe in this country is the military and police. Without them, there would be NO country. Without them, you’d have no defense.

People need to understand that sometimes in order to have peace, you might need to go to war.

If it wasn’t for using military force, Hitler would’ve taken over the E.U. , even probably the world. His dream would’ve come to a reality.

Who knows?

What we do know is that something needs to change, Now.

This article is not suppose to encourage anyone to become aggressive and beat people up. Although, Obama and his crew destroyed the country in such a terrible way that men have become softer than “Ken” and women have gotten mentally/physically stronger than men.

We all need to be ready for something that can happen.

Just like Secretary Mattis stated, “Nothing is off the table”.

The world needs to come together during these tough times. We need to unite and agree with what’s holding us back.

If you can’t understand what’s happening and who is the enemy, then you’d definitely better do some research and see who’s really on your side.

Are you really prepared for WWIII?


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  1. If that waste of human skin overtly acts against our allies, (S Korea, Japan) the effin world can’t object to our retaliating. But let’s not do the damn police action garbage (as was done in ’53) via the useless U.N. Go in and annihilate the B’s so they can never again pose a threat.

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    • If they pose a threat, we’ll be ready. Thing I’m worried about is China. They don’t play. They have a huge army. A lot of people. I don’t know but we may be outnumbered. We actually care about our troops, that’s why we don’t get them and just throw them into somewhere knowing we’re going to lose. We need strength and God cause things are getting heated on the other other side of the world. All we can do is be prepared and aware My friend.

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      • Had we treated the situation in Korea as we did in WWII, we would have won. It was the only time we actually could have gotten the red Chinese out and forced them to recognize Korea as one country, a free republic. That damn police action never resulted in a treaty. “We actually care about our troops” Really?
        The ‘Nam was another situation where our troops were hamstrung by self defeating restrictions.


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