Where are the Feminists in this manner?


So there it is . . .

Would you let these sub-human Morons near your home?

Near America?

Absolutely not.

You won’t even let your kids hang out with people like this. Some people actually have no idea what’s going on in the world but this . . . this is Reality.

The Quran is a very powerful tool and has brainwashed a lot of people.

If you ask me, Islam doesn’t portray Peace or Love. It’s impossible to demonstrate feelings towards someone, when the root of the word already defines “Submission”.

We need to take care of our people and absolutely take care of our women.

Feminists always put down the hard-working man, but never talk about things that actually affect women.

Remember . .  Islam allows men to marry up to 5 wives.

Does that look correct marrying under God 5 Times?


Image result for feminists nude running

This does not portray Feminism. This is stupid at it’s finest.


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