The Right Central was established in Miami, FL on December 17th 2016. It was the day I realized that this is something I was born to do. TRC is an Independent Conservative Newsletter. What this means is, it stands by Conservative values but still affiliates Independently. My team and I are determined to bring you the truth and ONLY the TRUTH. We have been moving more towards performing through social media like Instagram, Twitter ..etc (check homepage sidebar for more info) && Media platforms such as: Spreaker, Blog Talk Radio, YouTube and more. TRC has been involved, (in a short amount of time), and has had well-known social media figures who continuously deliver big talent on the political niche. We will be providing our insight on anything that pertains to politics, but will also integrate into other interesting topics. Some of them are Psychology, Science, Motivation …Unfortunately, a magician never unveils it’s tricks so we want it all to be a secret!

Our radio show airs LIVE EVERY Wednesday at 9pm ET. The phone lines will start at 10:00pm ET.

Anyone can call and share what’s on their mind, the phone number is (619) 663-3725.

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Ishmel Bolano