Are guns really the problem? 

      Lets get the story straight.

If it wasn’t for guns, we would’ve never beaten “Superman” in World War II. Anti-Nazi civilians would have never had the chance to protect themselves from the ones who try to harm them.

Take a look at what happened to Cuba and what is currently happening now in Venezuela.

One day the Cuban government announced everyone to turn in their firearm to properly embed the serial number in the governments database. If you didn’t comply, you would immidietly arrested.

Why is that a problem?

If there aren’t any guns for people, who are the only people who can own guns? Not even law enforcement would have access to it since everyone’s forced to turn them in.

So who’s going to save you?

It’s obvious that the government would be the only ones allowed to access them. That’s the first thing Hillary and her comrades want to do.

Taking guns from people isn’t the solution, taking guns away from the wrong people is what’s needed.

Our founding fathers felt that guns were so important that it’s inducted as the 2nd amendment right below the 1st amendment.

Gun free zones?

Instead we better begin arming the right people and stop the ones who abuse the 2nd.




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