Bomb detonates in London leaves 29 people injured; ISIS immediately takes responsibility

Another attack has taken place in London this morning.

This is the 5th terrorist attack in London and in less than 1 year. The worst part of it all is that ISIS is the one who always takes responsibility for these attacks.

It’s terrible on what’s happening in the E.U. but we all know who’s fault it is.

Angela Merkel is the one ruined Europe. She was the one who allowed more than 3 million refugees from Syria and other areas where terrorism is “normal”

President Trump tweeted later today:


This is a tweet where the President of the United States shared what he felt about the terrorist attack today.


You can imagine how Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer felt. Anything that represent strength to them is racist.

Remember who’s the enemy and then you can identify the problem.




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