Breaking: FBI reopens Hillary Clinton Email Case


Yes my friends, we have one more week till the biggest day in the United States and look what just happened.

Secretary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, is now dragged into Clinton’s mess.

James Comey reopened the email scandal after he found hidden evidence on Huma Abedin’s laptop. More than 650,000 emails were found in her computer after Hillary declared to the FBI that she gave up all the emails that were  confidential.

Despite the fact that she’s getting investigated by the Feds, she still feel’s that it’ll be the same turnout.

But if she has nothing to worry about, why did she lie about giving up all the emails?

Why did she have to hide them?

Typical Hillary Clinton.

With just 1 week until elections, hopefully people can wake up and see that this isn’t the person you want as president. I love women and would love to see a woman as a president in this great nation. But guys, not HER.

30 years and nothing has been done.

This time she will not get off that easy, she’s currently being investigated and the American people are hoping to see her indicted.

Everything the Clinton’s touch fails ~





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