Close the DAMN Border

I’m tired of this already!

Many people have been calling for this and now is time to take action. It’s about time that the United States agree to properly vet people who immigrate from other places.

If other countries are protecting their borders, why is it racist if America modifies their immigration plan?

Just remember why Trump won. His biggest policy was to help the country establish a form of national security.  Change the way TSA works and find measures to help people to safety. Regulate others and maintain proper order in all areas of the airport.

Understand the fact that some religions are not as peaceful like Catholics, Jews or any other form of faith. In addition, statistics show that most terrorist attacks are done by radical Islamists.

Did you guys already forget all the terrorist attacks that have happened in the last year. Some of those terrible tragedies continue on getting closer to home. In other areas, the tragedy already happened.

San. Bernardino, Boston, Orlando and now the most recent attack in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, how many more attacks will it take for us to take action. We’re being invaded by the lowest garbage in the world. Most of these “immigrants” are young men of military age.

Why are we allowing them all in here? What about the women and children?

Hypothetically, if a young man immigrates with his family, that person ideally would have to work. The saddest truth is that most modern immigrants have no interest in adapting to how the US is. It can’t work like that. Just like animals, human beings can also adapt to the environment. It’s a natural instinct. Unfortunately, people just chose not to.

Just like people have the right to sleep at night with their house locked, Americans also have the choice in knowing that their country is safe.

Push back terrorism.

     Close the border for good.

If you don’t like it, Canada’s not that far from us.





  • You racist! How dare you not want gang members, murderers, drug dealers, rapists, and child molesters to come here! RACIST! Lol

    • Lol I know I can’t believe it either. Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel bad for rapists, murderers and illegals. I wish America can have more of them. Trump will make sure we continue inviting garbage from every around the world

  • I really like your stuff bud, you should write more often!

  • Anthony Delgado

    (01/25/2017 - 3:55 PM)

    Hey you people who voted for Trump. How is it you are OK with paying for a wall, but you don’t want taxpayers to pay for healthcare. Your priorities are really screwed up.

    • Health care is a privilege you moron not a right. You should have access but it’s not in your right to have it. Stop being lazy and work to afford a good health care plan. You’re welcome

    • If you want “free Healthcare,” we DO pay for that…just join the U.S. Military…

      • Exactly. Fight for our country and protect your land. Not protest in colleges demanding anything free. That’s terrible, how is this seriously happening? Bunch of fools.

  • James Whitaker

    (01/27/2017 - 5:14 PM)

    My man forgot airplanes exist lol 😂

    • What does that do when you don’t qualify for anything. Not even to acquire a license here or social. What’s the deal? You’ll be “here” but technically without any form of documentation

  • Hey dude, while I do agree that drug trafficking through the southern border contribute to the drugs in this country, the rest of your article is concerning. The shooting at Ft. Lauderdale was done by a mentally distraught young man of Colombian descent who was a military veteran. You cite one instance of a terrorist attack in San Bernardino but what about all the other domestic terrorist attacks that occur in this country? Rather than saying “look at the facts” when there are literally no facts to support this claim, you should actually research the matter properly and you will find a disparate amount of massacres at the hand of home grown and raised Americans. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Charleston Church shooting, heck even Pulse Nightclub who was in fact perpetrated by an individual born in the United States. Enforcing the border is ideal but your blind partisan adherence is blinding you from the facts. Oh and also, here are several, scientific sources that disprove this idea that rapists and murderers are coming from Mexico.
    Note that this is a factual source as opposed to any of the Breitbart garbage you pray to.

    Here is also a more in depth explanation of these issues from a non-partisan literary source.

    • Research and read. Goodbye

      • That is literally what I did in order to provide a factual and entirely void of misleading claims response to this article. My question here is to try and understand how you posit these ideas without any evidence. You say that we’re obtaining this garbage from the world but you seem to fail to acknowledge the majority of technical workers come from these eastern countries. Some of the brightest scientific minds I have met adhere to Muslim beliefs. In fact, if you actually research as you have proposed I do, one of the highest socioeconomic status among “races” in this country are of Easter origin. These include Indian Americans who are mostly Muslims.
        Here is an article from a scientific journal supporting this.

        As a scientist myself, I can attest to this as these individuals constantly have a degree of work ethic that is unrivaled in complicated, advanced careers. These are the individuals at the forefront of technological advancements, be it in the health sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, and the list goes on. Refugees are literally dying by hundreds in the ocean trying to flee persecution and you claim these are the garbage of the world? What if these were your Cuban people clinging to their lives? Would your believes still hold the same?

      • You wanna talk? Call me. Races aren’t the same “Mr. Scientist”, do Cubans blow themselves up and scream Allah Akbar? Last I remember… they don’t. All refugees are different. I’m an engineering major btw. Trust me.. I know what research is. I actually do more research than the average Joe.

  • Cubans do not do these things but if we are talking about crime here, living in South Florida has exposed me to the wave of crimes Cubans continually commit. If we are to make platitudes that generalize entire religions, beliefs, ethnicity, etc., then I can be more than safe in claiming that Cubans commit crimes at a much higher rate than refugees do. Cubans are constantly involved in credit card fraud, extortion, drug trafficking, and overall illegitimate business. In fact, I am certain that the overall murders committed in South Florida at the hands of Cubans supersedes the amount of deaths at the hand of refugees. While I know this is not true for all Cubans, with your logic we should eradicate this Cuban plague that is haunting South Florida and restore some order.

    Being on the flip side isn’t that good, is it? Keep your mind and heart open, man.

    • Sometimes you have to think with your mind and not your heart. Continue thinking that refugees are a good thing. Sorry to break it to you… they aren’t. I’m not going to continue this since we’re not going anywhere with it. Good luck

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