I’m tired of this already!

Many people have been calling for this and now is time to take action. It’s about time that the United States agree to properly vet people who immigrate from other places.

If other countries are protecting their borders, why is it racist if America modifies their immigration plan?

Just remember why Trump won. His biggest policy was to help the country establish a form of national security.  Change the way TSA works and find measures to help people to safety. Regulate others and maintain proper order in all areas of the airport.

Understand the fact that some religions are not as peaceful like Catholics, Jews or any other form of faith. In addition, statistics show that most terrorist attacks are done by radical Islamists.

Did you guys already forget all the terrorist attacks that have happened in the last year. Some of those terrible tragedies continue on getting closer to home. In other areas, the tragedy already happened.

San. Bernardino, Boston, Orlando and now the most recent attack in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, how many more attacks will it take for us to take action. We’re being invaded by the lowest garbage in the world. Most of these “immigrants” are young men of military age.

Why are we allowing them all in here? What about the women and children?

Hypothetically, if a young man immigrates with his family, that person ideally would have to work. The saddest truth is that most modern immigrants have no interest in adapting to how the US is. It can’t work like that. Just like animals, human beings can also adapt to the environment. It’s a natural instinct. Unfortunately, people just chose not to.

Just like people have the right to sleep at night with their house locked, Americans also have the choice in knowing that their country is safe.

Push back terrorism.

     Close the border for good.

If you don’t like it, Canada’s not that far from us.