Do you prefer Him or Her?

As we get closer to election day, the path is almost coming to an end.

It’s about time that America takes a different direction since things aren’t a walk in the park these days.

You have to make a decision from either electing someone who has been in politics all their life and generally speaking, hasn’t gotten the job done.


Or electing someone who knows the system. Who understands how things work. Who knows that things are going downhill instead of switching into 3rd gear.

In other words, its Death with Hillary Clinton and Life with Donald Trump.

Many people are confused on whether to elect someone who has experience and speaks politely or the inexperience businessman who’s “mean”.

Just remember, all politicians are known to be snakes. They say one thing and do the other. She hasn’t done anything while being secretary of state. The only good thing with the America is the stock market, yet, that isn’t the only thing that runs an economy. For sure one thing lying to everyone she speaks to definitely isn’t a start.

Benghazi? Email scandal? Funding ISIS? Destabalizing the Middle East? Conflitcs of interests?

The list goes on and on. . .Don’t believe the media. They’re not on your side.

We all know that Donald isn’t perfect, no one is, only god and that’s it. But he’s a lot better and more human than she is.

If you love the red, white and blue. . Trump is genuinely with you.





  • I don’t like either of them as personalities, but I don’t have to. I’m not considering dating them or inviting them over for dinner. It’s a job interview for CEO of a non-profit. She has the resume and relevant experience. He doesn’t. Simple. If it doesn’t work out, don’t renew the contract when the performance review comes up in four years.

    • Although I understand where you’re coming from but I disagree. She has the resume but what did she do as a secretary of state? How have we benefited from her? Can you name a single accomplishment she’s held accountable for?
      She has none.
      If she wins.. say goodbye to America.

      • I’m not a big fan of comments that go on as long as posts, so I’m just going to pass along a link to a well-written article answering your question in detail, which I read last year:

      • Just take a look at the person who writes those “well written” articles. They’re authors who are bought out by her. She’s not an average person, she’s a millionaire trying to pass as someone who struggles. I see your point but like I said, she hasn’t done Anything.

      • It’s a survey of opinions, and (if you read the article) the magazine did the picking among them, not the campaign. Carly Fiorina asked the question, and a variety of other Democrats answered, from which Politico chose what they thought were the best answers.

        We can agree to disagree, but there are still answers besides “she did nothing”. You simply do not wish to acknowledge them as valid answers. I accept that.

      • She hasn’t done anything. She continues in doing anything. Agree to disagree my friend, just take a look at the people in her campaign, google them and read about their past. Btw Politico is one of the most bias media networks out there. Just to let you know since obviously CNN’s brainwashed you to the point of no return.

  • See the problem with the “trumpist” mentally is that everyone who isn’t a trump supporter is wrong. For instance, you mentioned that trump “knows the system” “acknowledges that things are going downhill” “understands how things work” but all of your idols actions say otherwise.

    Let me break it down to you:

    “Knows the system:”

    He has filed for 5 different bankruptcies in his lifetime, abolished multiple start up companies such as trump air, trump university, trump vodka, trump steaks, trump mortgage and the list goes on. If he was so wise, how come he couldn’t keep the 13+ companies he has TRIED and FAILED to start? Isn’t business his forte?

    “Acknowledges that things are going downhill:”

    I think that after having not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but F I V E bankrupcies you would begin to have a clue that things are going downhill.

    “Understands how things work:”

    No he doesn’t. Trump is pro life. Meaning that, wether I was a rape victim, or a victim of incest or wether my child has a condition so devasting his quality of life would be poor, SOMEONE ELSE is going to make the decision in regards to MY body. I am a mother and now more than ever I understand what this means. Not everyone gets drunk and pregnant and simply chooses not to have a child. Every case is different but ultimately no one but myself should get to decide.

    • Lol and what has Hillary done as Secretary of State? What’s one accomplishment she has done ?

    • Oh and I disagree with probably most of what what you said was incorrect. Also, there all ideas that the media puts out. What has she done that has benefitted the country? Take a look at the people who donate her money. The people in her campaign. Benghazi. Destabilizing the Middle East. The list goes on and on. But people are figuring it out. That’s why she’s falling behind and he’s jumping ahead

    • Arlene, you discuss Trumps bankruptcies, but with him as president, his business experience is something that will serve the American people well. Remember, he is putting America FIRST. The problem with Hilary and Obama and most Democrats, is that in their liberal logic, America is suffering. Being ProLife doesn’t necessarily mean that rape victims will not get an abortion. You have to agree that there are far too many women who use abortion for the wrong reasons. That’s all pro-life means.

  • Are you hearing yourself? Your base on calling her a liar is “the media is crooked” Hilary is crooked but you completely obliviated the FACTS about trump.

    What has trump done as a citizen in this society? Shame women, discriminate Latins, make a bond with Putin, mock people with disabilities, abuse employees.

    And btw, you blaming the media for liying about trump while using a media source to do so is kind of ironic.

    • Literally everything you’re saying is all from CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg Politics.

      You do know her nephew works for CNN right? You know who Anthony Weiner ? Take a look at what he’s doing now.

      Btw he has the Hispanic, African American and women vote.

      2nd Putin publicly said that he doesn’t know Trump, although he would like to meet him.

      He never mocked anyone with disabilities.

      Lol you’re literally stating everything you see on her commercials. Lmao it’s funny how people still see her as the hero and him as the villain

    • Voting for Hillary is literally digging up your own grave. Sorry to tell you. You gotta keep up with politics on the computer. If you still seek your info through the media… you’ve become a sheep.

  • I can’t even keep discussing with you because you sound like an abused woman making excuses for her husband. Typical trumpist.

    • I’m just glad I understand how things work. That I’m not a sheep like mostly everyone. Of course, since you obviously don’t understand anything you offend the ones who do. Typical fascist.

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