End of a Fidel Castro Era

This is something we’ve ALL been waiting for.

For nearly 50 years, Fidel Castro has been in charge of the beautiful island named Cuba.

He’s the man responsible in brainwashing the Cuban people.

Nothing but pain and struggle has been inflicted by him and his communist ideas. No one can disagree with his plans. No one can argue with what the revolution consists of.

People aren’t allowed to express their opinion.

It’s sad since everyone in the universe has an opinion.

Cuba was also once called the “Las Vegas of the Caribbean”. They’re extremely rich on rum, hand-made cigars and cocoa.

Bacardi is known to be one of the companies that was founded and became Cuba’s popular rum. Unfortunately, the government had a problem with it. If they didn’t own a large  portion of your company then it’s not longer yours.

He tore up many families, murdered innocent lives and lied to the same ones that got him in power.

That’s why celebrating his death is essential to seeing some hope in the island. Let’s be honest, his death really isn’t changing the direction of the land, yet the Cuban people are finally able to see the light in the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the years he continued his revolution and has delivered us nothing but evil.

Today, all we can be thankful for is that Cuba one day restores peace and democracy to return to the paradise it once was.







  • Fidel was a ruthless dictator. The country is better without him.

    • Yeah bro. It just sucks that his policy and legacy couldn’t end sooner. Although, Cuba may not change now or in the 20 years. What we’re of is that Cubans are getting closer to democracy

  • I agree with you, I just hope that Raul follows soon along with all of the old generals. The people of Cuba deserve to have a decent life style and a decent government who supports the peoples freedom.

    • I know buddy, it’s just sad in how the history of Cuba was so rich and now it’s just gone. Things are going to take a while before we can say “Cuba’s free”, but all we can really do is hope that God prepared them a Karma like no other.

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