Faith in Humanity

Has it been restored? Or does it flounder?


I recently watched a video titled “Heroes”, and it is essentially a compilation of amazing rescues. However, a deeper meaning struck me as I was watching the video, and it made me more than a little emotional.

Everyone knows that our great country is divided. For the most part, it’s because of a simple disagreement. It really boils down to a person one half of us doesn’t like, on both sides.

But…watching this video made me think about things a little differently. These people are rescuing strangers, not knowing even names. They don’t know how they voted, or how they view things. They don’t know what the other goes home too, or how they live. Neither cares how much money the other makes a year, but are willing to risk their lives for their brothers and sisters.

It goes to show true human nature. When it all goes to hell, we have each other’s backs. At the end of the day, our petty differences don’t matter, even though we hold to them so closely. That brings up the second point in my title.

Is faith in humanity floundering? Are our differences to much to overcome? Even though we may band together in times of crisis, for the most part, its isn’t a disaster scenario all the time. I’m going to sound like mom for a second, but we need to suck it up and get over it.

We may not agree with each other, but fighting will not stop or solve anything. At the risk of going political, the Conservative Movement hasn’t yet begun to show how violently and strongly they will defend their beliefs. When that happens, a lot of snowflakes will be staring down gun barrels, asking themselves what they have done, and where it all went wrong. It should never get to that point, or even come close. Tolerance is necessary.

This country was built on the foundation of freedom. How long will it be until we take that away from each other?



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