As we grow in this beautiful world, learning day by day, we always tend to find a source of wisdom; a source of guidance; someone or something that gives us that faith and hope to continue battling our everyday challenges. For some it may be a religion, for others it maybe a superstar athlete or even it be their own family members. There is nothing better than having a source of faith/hope to turn to during our struggles. Now there are many amazing, inspiring, genuine human beings who know how to use the power of their words and actions to change the lives of many. But as the saying goes, hard times will always expose the FAKE.

In the present world, we have many false idols giving false hope/info. During the times of struggle as a community, the ones who DO NOT practice what they preach are EXPOSED. There is one false idol in particular that has shaken the social media world, and that is Joel Osteen. Recently some of our Americans have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and we’ve lost some of our brothers and sisters.  Many were/are roaming on streets with nowhere to go. Some still stranded waiting to be rescued by first responders, veterans, and even our own Americans that own boats were on the scene giving a hand. It’s AMAZING seeing our country come together as one during times like this, all differences aside.


Unfortunately one of the biggest bullshitters, I mean pastor(and I use this term loosely), who owns Lakewood Church, a 606,000-square-foot building, DID NOT OPEN his doors to the public because and I quote: “ The city didn’t ask us to become a shelter.”-Osteen.  This man had enough room to hold close to 17,000 of our Texas family. Funny how a few blocks down a big mattress store was providing shelter without having to be asked. Which is how we are supposed to take care of own. Not when we are asked to. As LEADERS we must take ACTION. Not wait…   Many will defend Joel Osteen(brainwashed), but from TRC’s view,  we can clearly see this fake.. phony.. false idol. Moments like this really open our eyes to who is who. I PRAY for our family affected in Texas but know now that a big percentage of the world now knows who Joel Osteen really is. Nothing more than a con man who is very good with words.

Like i said before.. He’s good with words. All con-mans are. This is not 2001… this is 2017. Why wait for the city to ask for help? If he has done this before why didn’t he take any action sooner? I’m sure tweeting his prayers made him sleep better in his $10 million dollar home. Let’s make sure we put our money in the pockets of LEADERS who can really make a difference . Choose your donations wisely.  Let’s practice what we preach… Let’s walk the talk… how ever you want to say it. Each of us have the power to change the lives of others for better one way or another.

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  • He’s a fraud and scum. Instead of preaching to others about Life, Why doesn’t he do something productive and practice what he preaches?

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