Gender Pay Gap

The “Myth” of the “Gender Wage Gap” has been a hot topic over the years. But, is the claim that women make “less” true? The argument that women makes less just because they are women is an argument that holds no substance. Critics of this arguments sometimes point out that the reason men earn more is because of there choice to pick higher paying jobs or careers with a greater risk. To maintain the illusion that women make less on average individuals have to go to the extreme.

For Instance advocates of this claim state that “women are being discriminated against”. However, the feminist’s, Politicians, and celebrities do not look at “choice”. Also, occupation, hours a week, and career choice is not taken into account.

Even a study done by the American Association  of University Women which is a feminist University. The study included career choice, occupation, hours per week and it concluded that the actual gap would be 6.6 cent’s.

The keyword her is choice. Women tend to pick certain jobs. No big deal? Wrong, this is a toxic myth that continues to spread and many still believe that women are being discriminated against. Are women actually being discriminated against? In Federal, state, and local laws it is illegal to discriminate against potential workers. Under the Equal pay act of 1963 & title VII of the civil rights act it is illegal to pay anyone less or more based on a characteristic. So, can this argument finally be laid to rest? Lets hope so…



  • I do think that there is a gap. However, I find that young women are more making more on average in the US now. Why? We have more young women graduating from college than men. We also have more women getting technical training now than any point in history. That means more designers, programmers and other high paying jobs. More lawyers coming in are female, etc. So while men make more because they are male, women are taking more of the higher paying jobs. This trend is bound to continue, as more young men are being raised as spoiled, self entitled Rugrats. While many girls are taught that they have to work hard in this world of they want to succeed. Example, I was hired at a winery for $11/hour. I had previous experience. A tall man hired around the same time as I was had zero experience, but was hired for $1.50 more than I was. The only reason was his gender. Experience teaches women that this isn’t a myth. If more people did studies correctly, they would see the error.

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