Hurricane Irma becomes the Strongest Atlantic Hurricane EVER recorded – State of Emergency for FL

Hurricane Irma UPDATES –

There are a couple of things you can’t predict and a hurricane is definitely one of them. Mother Nature has really done it’s part and is delivering a beast of a storm. With winds of 180mph+ and a lot of rainfall, Hurricane Irma is prepared to destroy anything and everything in it’s way.

Everyone needs to be aware and prepared for this.

The ones who lose are the ones that brush off the truth. One thing I can tell you is that this storm is real and is coming to South Florida. Or possibly all of Florida.

Everyone needs to be safe and alarmed with what’s yet to come.

Let’s hope that everything passes quickly without anyone being in danger.

Floridians: WE CAN DO THIS!

Important Numbers – CLICK THE LINK BELOW

Emergency Numbers




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