Introduction to TRCRadio! Call for Freedom && Awareness

What’s up guys && Thank YOU for being here with me today. I know I haven’t been writing these couple of weeks and it kills me not writing how I used to . . .

I went into the lair and began on figuring out the brand needed and …..


It took 6 months and now it’s here!

The Right Central has completely gone through a make-over.

From newly branded custom art to internet podcasts, TRC is excited to bring you everything we’re on with a click of a button.

Since I was gone for a while, It’s my pleasure to finally tell you that we are back in session…… Only now, with TRCRadio.

You can definitely check out the Live stream which will be every Wednesday @ 9pm ET.

Anyone would be able to call the program and join me throughout the session. I’ll be focusing on politics, but I’ll get savvy and mix the segment with my own creativity.

Ph# – (929) 477-2212

It’s going to be a great service to the people && definitely a blessing for me take part in.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or opinions . . .

You can send me a message on the website or you can check our other forms of social medias to contact us.

Social Media Platforms

Instagram: the.right.central

Twitter: @TheRightCentral


Make sure to drop a follow below and tell me what you think about the 1st show.

Thank you !




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