Mandalay Massacre 50+ dead; 500+ injured at Las Vegas Country Concert


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Already labeled to be the worst massacre in U.S history. Law enforcement reported at least 50+ people are killed and more than 500+ are injured at a country music festival on the new strip of Las Vegas.

The name of the shooter is Stephen Paddock.

His brother came out publicly stating that Stephen was a “calm” man and that he was never raised to do anything like this.

Stephen Paddock, is a retired accountant that worked as an internal auditor at Lockheed Martin for about three years in the late 1980s. He previously managed apartment building complexes in Mesquite, Texas and California.


He was the person who opened fired at a crowd of people from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.
This is the shooter of the Mandalay Bay hotel.


Earlier in the investigation, police were looking for a woman identified as Paddock’s girlfriend and definitely a person of interest in this investigation.

Police said the woman turned out to be out of the country and originally believed to be not part of the shooting. Police later asserted that the woman, Marilou Danley, is still a person of interest.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump gave his statement:


How much more can America take?

How many more attacks can we absorb until understanding who’s the enemy?

Guess who just claimed this attack?

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