Mt. Rushmore’s SG?

There has been so many gifted basketball players in the NBA.

From the 60’s to the 2000’s.

Who have broken the status quo and lifted the sport to a different level.

With cross ups, fadeways and ankle breakers . .

The best part in basketball in incorporating those skills and winning championships.

kobe-bryant-michael-jordan.jpgAlthough there have been many to play the game, these two are always going to be one of the top ball players of this generation.

Michael Jordan is known as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) I mean who doesn’t know who this guy is.

Instead of watching a normal basketball game you would just see another man ultimately dominate everyone in the other team.

Unfortunately most Millennials weren’t able to see MJ play, the closest person in the game was Kobe Bryant also known as “The Black Mamba”.


Every night Kobe would play, it was watching greatness transform.

His skills are out of this planet.

It’s hard to decribe these men; Champions, Greatness, Magic .

No words can descibe them.

Just blessed that were able to see them play.





  • I agree Kobe is the closes player to even come close to MJ. MJ said so himself.

    • Straight up. He stoled all of MJ’s moves. Since I wasn’t able to Michael I’m just blessed I was able to watch Kobe

  • In Phil Jackson’s book he says that the main difference between Kobe and Jordan was the physical attributes. Specifically, Jordan’s hands; apparently they were huge and this worked to his advantage. Also, Jordan had a bit more meat on his bones whereas Kobe was a string bean for most of his career. I’m not old enough to have seen Jordan play, but I will say that Kobe is the best player I have ever seen.

    • I agree boss. In my lifetime, the things Kobe did was amazing. The buzzer beaters, the dunks.. the guy was an amazing talent coming out of high school. Kobe is the man. 5 championships to back up his legacy. Easily in my opinion, GOAT.

    • Follow my site and I’ll follow yours ? We have the similar taste.

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