Never Forget Where YOU Come From 


Why do most people forget about their past once they become famous?

Is it necessary to ignore your roots and just focus on making it?

It’s very common in seeing people fall under this category.

Either working in a restaurant or stationed as a teller at JP Morgan Chase in a regular 9-5,  everyone is chasing the same thing.

Unfortunately, society has taken a different route in determining what success stands for.

Back then, success was determined by the character of the person. People weren’t judging each other. Respect was a common trait between all men and women. Establishing morals and responsibilities were seen as something “normal”.

I guess, things have changed.

People have changed.  People are more distant today than past decades. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing well or bad in life. People will always talk nonsense. Brush your shoulders and lift your head up because…

They’ll Always have to say.

Instead of listening to whatever people are saying, just focus on yourself and let your mind flow by visualizing your dreams. The only person that can make you happy is You. Constructive criticism helps us, it shouldn’t break us. Maintain your strengths and work on your negatives.

Believing in yourself is key to success.

Without establishing a positive mind,  it’s hard to compete in the world.

Don’t be too tough on yourself.

Become your own best friend and you’ll see how far you can go.

Sky’s the limit.




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