NFL Commisioner, Roger Goodell tells NFL owners, “Everyone Should stand for the National Anthem”


Everyone is reading correctly.

You don’t need to go change your eyeglass formula.

This is TRUE

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, made it clear and stated, “Everyone SHOULD Stand for the National Anthem”. He send a special note to all 32 teams that partake in the NFL.

Everyone got the memo.

Since the National Football League trickled down to it’s lowest ratings in years, it appears that Donald Trump pushed the Commissioner to make this happen.



Stand for the National Anthem

Stand UP for America!





  • What? Asking these spoiled brats to to observe a rule that’s already on the NFL books? Oh, the humanity!

    • We need people to respect this country. By respecting this country, you need to stand up of the National Anthem. Try going somewhere that allows people to sit out during Their National Anthem. No Where. It needs to protected and cherished at all time.

    • I know! We’re living in a world that things are going backwards instead of moving forward

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