Puerto Rico get’s DESTROYED by Hurricane Maria (Photos)

Another Hit

San Juan – Puerto Rican rushing to save their house from a Category 5 hurricane named, Maria. It was bringing speeds of 160+ miles and hour.

It was categorized as the strongest hurricane ever! Many of the locals said they’ve never seen anything like this. The only thing they could do is pray they’ll all make it healthy and safe.


Hurricane Maria came with everything! Picture this, hearing the thunderous winds from the outside of your home. Water to the top of your hips, making it very hard for a toddler to walk. If you have pets in the house, you have to carry them on your back as well. Blown out roofs and windows are also a problem since the debris can go inside and hurt someone, even you.


This monstrous storm has left the entire island without electricity. Yes you read that right. The entire island is without power. Satellite phones aren’t working either and make it very concerning for the ones trying to reach their family in other areas. Puerto Rico is going to need a lot of money to rebuild the entire island. From re-constructing roadways, bridges, buildings, the costs will be above 3 million dollars.


From a political standpoint, Where are they going to turn to for the funds? Puerto Rico is already in debt. They’re looking for someone to clear them?

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