The Beauty of the Whale

This generation is weird. . .

A lot of people out there are on these diets that consist of doing the weirdest things. Some people eat certain animals that shouldn’t be touched. For example, a large majority of people in China have been exposed to eating dogs and cats.

Although, I don’t agree with what they put on their plate, there’s one thing we can be sure of, hunting for food and killing for personal interest are two completely separate things.

A lot of people think that if you voted for Trump, you’re anti-animals.

You’re Wrong

In addition, most Conservatives happen to love animals. Look at what Marines take with them to Iraq. Most of them have German Sheppard’s or dogs with the same genetic built.

Conservatives happen to love all creatures from mammals all the way to aquatic species. They should be conserved and fought for since most of these exotic animals are close to becoming extinct.

Whales have been endangered for a really long time.

They’re constantly poached by different people who are hired by special organizations.

Most of these low-lives use these beautiful creatures as access to easy money. Most of them carry the exact same motivation. They don’t have empathy for these creatures. All they’re after is hoping to have their bank account look like phone numbers, they don’t care about disrupting the ecosystem or better yet, mankind.

I mean, who cares? Right?

These “special organizations” are incompletely incompetent in knowing anything about how the world runs. If the whale becomes extinct so does human life.

What they don’t know is that . . .

80% of the oxygen that we breath in results from the ocean.

Phytoplankton is an important factor for us living.

Whales are considered to be the farmers of the ocean.

They’re the ones who provides the phytoplankton the necessary nutrients it needs to create oxygen.

Phytoplankton collects Iron and Nitrogen, (two key components of Oxygen), from the whale’s feces.

Consequently, if whales get extinct, human life vanishes.



These beautiful animals are endangered because poachers out in Russia, Japan, Iceland and China use them to make oils, waxes and other herbs.

Different nations have stated that they’re interested in solving the problem, yet the government never does anything.

Most whales are currently residing on the edge of Mexico and thankfully they’re all protected by Mexican laws.

People are allowed to swim with them in Isla Holbox, Mexico and interact with them since people tend to forget that whales are considered to be highly intelligent and social animals.

Killing them should land you in jail forever.

It’s a shame that some people can’t break from tradition and understand that changing the course of the Animal Kingdom is basically digging your own grave.









  • My father was an avid outdoorsman, a hunter and fisherman. He loved animals, birds and aquatic species. He, like most sportsmen I’ve known, are true conservatives of the earth’s treasures.

    • There’s nothing better than being close to nature. Animals are great and for some reason you learn a lot about yourself when you’re talking care of these creatures.

      • Even dogs, as domesticated as they are, are wonderful teachers and developers of the human spirit. We ‘lost’ ours recently and the emotional support he gave with his presence alone is sorely missing. I completely agree with your sentiments about ‘these creatures’. Merry Christmas.

      • They’re the best. I have two dogs which I adopted one last week. They’re the best thing a man can have. Without animals the world would be a terrible place to live in

      • We’re having discussions with a local lady who has to give up her dog, a mastiff/lab mix that knows how to everything but cook, apparently. She’s too ill to care for it. The dog is 5. Will let you know how it goes.

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