Transgender Bathrooms; Solution? 

Now, if you actually have morals and a brain why is this such a bad idea?

I currently have 2 nephews and a niece; Therefore, I see them as if they were my kids. I am frightened with the world they’re going to grow up in if this “law” actually gets passed in the U.S.

The government is thinking about uniting Men and Women bathrooms in every state which means every store, supermarket and yes my fiends, every school. They want everyone to feel “welcomed” without discriminating their beliefs.

So? Just because you’re a transgender you need specific rules to make you feel “comfortable“.

That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Just if you guys forgot.. a bathroom is separated between men and women. Boys and girls.

If this sickness actually goes through imagine all the pedophiles and rapist that will arise from this situation.

It’s disgusting just thinking about it.

Sexual harrasment will rise to a percentage that has never been seen before.

Our government is so caught up in trying to make everything “fair” and “nice” without seeing how this can cause mayhem.

” Liberalism is a mental disorder”- M.S

Now we will never know if our children will be safe. In my case, my niece and nephews. For others, they’re sons and daughters.

We need division. We need someone in congress to open their eyes and understand that this is end.

We can’t go on.

This is the final straw.

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  • At present, bathrooms are largely divided and sexual harassment runs rampant. So how can one conclude that it will only increase if the division withers away?

    • Alright so now envision that in the United States bathrooms are shared among grown men and little girls? What’s the worst that can happen there right ? With all the sick human beings in the planet, it’s pretty obvious that mayhem is set to happen and sexual harassment would be higher. Think about it. Your daughter won’t feel safe even at her own school. That’s the future of the US right now

      • Thank you for your response.

        The problem with your response is this: it is governed by speculation, not evidence. Another problem with your response is this: it is governed by fear, not rationality.

        You are attempting to beckon to a common sense with phrases like “its pretty obvious” and “think about it”.

        If it is so obvious, please submit EVIDENCE, from a scientific study, that “grown men” are already in bathrooms violating “little girls”.

        There is evidence, on the other hand, that the transgender community is more likely to be VIOLATED in the bathroom – than they are to violate others in the bathroom. People are not dressing up and pretending to be members of the opposite sex on a large scale. But people ARE violating members of the trans community in public restrooms on a large scale. Here is the evidence:

      • Bro it’s common sense. If you think like a pedophile and understand that these human beings aren’t normal, why would you feed into their mental issues and allow bathrooms to be interconnected ?
        That doesn’t make any sense.
        There’s a million cases out here in Miami of a grown man molesting boys and girls. It’s a disgrace.
        What? It didn’t make it to your nearest newspaper?
        You’re literally feeding into the criminals path. You’re giving them the “freedom” to make their crimes easier.
        Everything now is all about gender and sex
        Gender and sex. Is that all people care about?
        How about law and order and understand that this is a crime that needs to end.
        That we need to keep things the way they are.
        If things are bad now, imagine if they change into everyone having 1 bathroom.
        You don’t need evidence to prove what I’m trying to say.
        It’s simply common sense and logic.

      • We can agree to disagree lol. I am sure we can go back and forth all day. If I ever write up a blog on this, I will be sure to send you the link. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Common sense and activism will never share the same brain space…..ever.

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