Trump dominates NFL, calls for ban of kneeling during National Anthem

This is the final straw.

Donald Trump on Tuesday stated that he was no longer interested in seeing people kneel during the most important anthem of our country. He felt that this was something the NFL needs to specifically pay attention to.


In case people forgot this is what need to understand. It's a right to do this, you better love your country.

This was a direct and immediate action from the president .

Representatives of both parties are under a lot of heat, since this is something “public figures” think is okay.

The 1st Amendment is fair and allows every individual to express themselves freely without anyone telling them anything. When being a narcissistic un-educated brat by making tens of millions of dollars and still being disrespectful, then you no longer need to be here.

If you can’t honor where you are, maybe you should just go somewhere else. It’s easier said than done. Yet, a lot of the same people who are participating in this “movement” said they were going to move to Canada if Trump wins. The irony is that no one have left. They’re all here and with no intentions of moving.

Donald Trump tweeted:

This a tweet Donald Trump made today so he can address all the madness that the NFL is putting out there.  WE need to be aware that it's not welcomed and that Americans are appalled at the ignorance.

If you disagree with this then maybe you need to reconsider what your options are.

Donald Trump is standing firm on his beliefs by making this country stronger and better than ever before. One thing you need to tackle is restoring America’s Patriotism.

What better way on doing that then by making sure that people respect the values and virtues that established the United States of America.




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