Trump loves Money, Women and Winning


This is the last article I’ll be writing about the election since it’s honestly driving me crazy.

All we here about is Hillary/ Trump Trump and Hillary. . . ALL DAY.

I can’t take it anymore.

Fortunately this will be my last one.

One thing is for sure, Trump understands how to make money.

Without money there would be no way to live. If the dollar didn’t have any value we’ll be like Venezuela where lines are gathered with more than 200 people fighting for one slice of turkey.

You need to understand that the media is trying to harm you.

The media is not on your side.

Hillary called anyone who supports Trump “a basket of deplorable”

On the contrary, Trump actually stated that he will run the United States like a business, but with heart.

The middle class will be the class most affected.

If the country has no middle class then the working class will  no longer exist.

The top 1% hate Trump because he will assure that they will pay their fair of taxes.

Companies will no longer have the chance to abandon us since his tax plan will actually allow them to grow. They won’t pay the ridiculous 35% tax rate that is instituted right now.

How nice would it be for you one day to quit your current job and find another one in no time?

Quitting your job is a problem now. If you don’t like what you do, you’re screwed and have to put up with it. It’ll take you at least a month to find a decent job and it obviously wouldn’t pay you the same as the old one.

This generation can be better.

We can get back to the “Reagan years”

We need to take this election from the left and vote right.

He’s with You.








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