Uber is stripped from working the streets of London

This is a very big loss.

Not just talking about finances and revenue, but more about the people of London.

A lot of people don’t have cars in England and just prefer an easier form of transportation. Whether it’s going to work or going out. It was very practical, despite the setting.

It’s not hard to understand why London loss that privileged, Theresa May is not tolerating this behavior, but she needs to do it fast before all of the businesses in England are terminated.


Uber understands that if a nation has 5 terrorist attacks in less than 6 months, that place is under invasion. It has to begin with the people who are ruling that nation. Excluding Theresa May, London needs to change the ones representing them and it needs to happen NOW!

Brexit happened and Needs to work. England is being invaded by people who will never assimilate anywhere they go.

Wake Up London, Make the Change.




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