(Video) – President Trump HISTORIC Speech to U.N General Assembly

It’s Time!

Get it over with, it’s already been 8 months since Donald Trump’s election and people are still searching for ways to remove him from office.

On September 19th 2017, The President of the United States delivered a speech that stunned both, North Korea’s “leader” and the entire U.N.

This speech was a break-through in History.

The United States has not had a president that loves and respects their country as much as Donald.

With the carefully choosing the words he says, Trump chewed the U.N into pieces without reading a script. It’s exactly the reason he won the election. People know he’s not going to fall into the “system”. He’s trying to beat the system. He doesn’t need Your money. He’s someone who’s constantly going to be hated just because he made it.

Also, he warned North Korea directly. He said, “Rocketman is on a suicide mission”. NK needs to compose itself or America is going to war.

Watch the entire clip to really be shocked.

This is our President of the United States! Thank God, he’s standing up for US!






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  • Trump is making America great again. His historical speech today was without the disease of the weak democrats which is political correctness. He showed strength and courage today. I voted for trump and I’m proud he is my president.

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