(WATCH) – Moment when Obama Slipped and stated, “MY Muslim Faith”

Maybe it’s not a Conspiracy.

What if I told you that Barack Hussein Obama was playing for the enemy. It’s not an opinion, it’s the Truth.

You’ve been lied to these past 8 years. Obama was not keeping Americans their priority. He preferred to be an Internationalist than a Nationalist. Nothing’s wrong about helping others around the world, but first, you need to make sure that the folks back at home are well.

Obama never seemed understand that.

He cared about the idea of being a President. In my eyes and in many different people, Obama was nowhere near Presidential.

Now that Donald Trump is in office, we’re safe in continuing the values this country was founded on.

It’s going to take a lot to steer America back on the right path, yet, Donald has appealed more to Congress than Obama did it in 8 years.

How can America elect this man twice for our country?

Frankly, he shouldn’t have even been elected to begin with.





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