Why can’t work feel like retirement?

Apparently my teachers in high school never forward me the memo in that working all day and obtaining a 40 hour job would be “The American Dream”.

Maybe I would’ve done something different than paying an institution a substantial amount to get a better job.

Yet, the first thing people do when they get a little bit of more change is that they start flashing it as if they’re part of the 1%.

They have a misunderstanding that money can make you happy. It makes you happier but it doesn’t achieve happiness.

Purchasing the newest iPhone, buying the latest car or eating in costly restaurants is examples of what people dream about at night.

They wake up with the idea that being rich is what life is all about.

It’s not true.

Frankly, the higher and more money you make the more miserable people seem to be.

Obviously vacationing in Hawaii would make a wonderful story, but there’s more to it.

Most of those people really can’t stand themselves and they need to get away.

Some of them are celebrities, artists, actors even businessman. The list goes on and on.

They’ve all gone through depression or have felt alone at one point in their lives.

But as my aunt once told me, “Enjoy the little things”.

Exclude the negatives and attract the positives.

Forget about the “What if’s” and start embarking in the “if’s”.

Ignore criticism but appreciate advice’s.

Love what you do and everything will be simple.

Simplicity brings happiness.





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