Why is Marijuana still considered an Opioid?

This question has been in circulation for ages  . . .

Why is Marijuana considered an Opioid?

For the record, let’s determine what the term “opioid” really means.

An Opioid includes opiates, an older term that refers to such drugs derived from opium, including morphine itself.

Last time Science was involved, experts were able to determine that Marijuana doesn’t derive from opiates. It certainly has no correlation with morphine since Marijuana is literally a plant.

God provided us this great herbal medicine to cure and reduce certain conditions. Whether it’s treating seizures or alleviate the “Crohn’s disease”, it has been proven to work and to help the ones who need it.

The problem is abusing the herbs.

Just like anything in the world, doing too much of something will later bring consequences. Even when you think that nothing’s going to happen, that’s when your wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s even working out too much, I promise that if you’re lifting weights for 3 hours straight, you’ll most likely pass out. So even exercising too much is a problem. As long as you understand the balance of when to do things and when to stop, vices wouldn’t be an issue.

Marijuana is a very prosperous and critical medicinal remedy, yet, it needs to be treated professionally and carefully when consuming what it can do.

Next time someone judges you for consuming Cannabis . . .

Educate them, because they haven’t educated themselves.




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  • The “Lady Jane” of the 70’s bears no resemblance to the hyped up, increased potency of what is the Marijuana of today. Even then, [while I didn’t like the band new Riders of the Purple Sage], their satirical song about Panama Red was true; having experienced that strain once, was quite enough, and I avoided it thereafter. Lyrics:

    Panama red, panama red
    He’ll steal your woman, then he’ll rob your head
    Panama red, panama red

    On his white horse, mescalito
    He come breezin’ through town
    I’ll bet your woman’s up in bed with
    Panama red

    The judge don’t know when red’s in town
    He keeps well hidden underground
    But everybody’s acting lazy
    Falling out and hangin’ ’round

    My woman said, “hey pedro
    You’re actin’ crazy like A clown”
    Nobody feels like working
    Panama red is back in town


    Everybody’s looking out for him
    ’cause they know red’s satisfies
    Little girls love to listen to him
    Sing and tell sweet lies

    But when things get too confusing, honey
    You’re better off in bed
    And I’ll be searching all the joints in town for
    Panama red


    It needs close and accurate regulation to avoid abuse. Remember the Nixon report in ’72? Anyway, I must agree with the rest of your commentary.

    • Nice, I’m going to listen to the song as well. That’s true, Marijuana has gotten a lot stronger than the 70’s lol.

      Imagine how it’ll get in the next 20 years, things are going to get crazy in the future.

      Where are headed to?

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